The Princes (and Princesses) I have served!


Charles (Dad) M. Finnigan, the most strong-willed and determined man I have ever known!

Dennis (Denny) M. Finnigan, my Brother who replaced the “Mother” I never knew.

Charles (Charlie) F. McNamee, VP Sunsweet Growers Inc.  Introduced me to "The subtle philosophies of life through W.C. Fields!"

Chester (Chet) Owens, CEO Sunsweet Growers Inc.  Taught me “the ABCs of an enjoyable life - Airplanes, Boats and Cars!"

Weldon B. (Hoot) Gibson - Managing Director, SRI International.  Showed me how to "Always stay cool under pressure."

Stewart (Stu) P. Blake, VP Finance, SRI International. Taught me to "Never apologize for an occasional extravagance!"

John (Katz) Katzenbach - Managing Partner, McKinsey and Company.   Taught me how to Master the "soft sell" and win!"

Edwin (Ed) Zschau, CEO, Systems Industries (California Congressman).  "Do whatever you have to do!"

Dean Mack, CEO, Microform Data Systems.  "Never admit you're wrong and you will soon bring failure!"

Jack Hofeld, CEO, Intrastate Paging Services.  "Always remained the funny fat kid that he played in "our gang" movies.

Val Podmolik, CEO, RCA Global.  Taught me to "Wave off the driver, ride the subway, fly economy and stay in cheap hotels."


George Weyerhaeuser - Chairman, Weyerhaeuser Corp. 

     I challenged his decision to switch from IBM to GE mainframes... He thanked me for my honesty and bravery! 

Gordon Luce - Chairman, San Diego Federal and Sec. Transportation for Governor Reagan 

     Gordon's wife Karin and I chose the colors for the new blue and white CA license plates.

General Buchs - Chief of Staff, West German Military Commandant of Luftwaffe in WWII.   He lost the war but led his country in peace.

Lloyd Schermer - CEO, Lee Enterprises.  "Don't be greedy, sell a million copies for a dollar!"

Paul Barkley - Founder and CEO, Pacific Southwest Airlines.  "Always stay on the leading edge."

Rune Arlidge - President, ABC Wide World of Sports.  One of the first to join the VM revolution...true visionary!

Robert (Bob) Edwards - Founder and CEO, Radiophone.  A real prick but always a winner!

Albert (Al)  Frankum - CEO, Trans World Airlines.  "Keep your people guessing until they take a position!"

William (Bill) Dunne - CEO, Dow Jones Info Service.  "Anything worth having, is worth cheating for!"

Craig Fischer - Pathologist, Eisenhower Medical Center.  Formerly Flight Surgeon to the Astronauts... performed autopsies following Apollo I fire.   


Nancy Finnigan - "always stood with me, raised our children, great travel partner and a hostess to everyone!"

Dennis M. Finnigan - SRI Director of Management Systems, VMI Board Member and my life-long protector!

Dow Brian - Co Founder, Voicemail International.  Visionary, Inventor and top notch Engineer!

Randal Barrick - COO, Voicemail International.  The guy that made things happen!

Rene Beusch - EVP, Voicemail Systems SA. Expert in the global marketplace, travel advisor, best friend!

Suzanne Ely - Finnigan USA.  Business strategies, business plans, reality checks and perfect daughter!

Kevin P. Lynch - COS, Voicemail International, Flight Instructor and adopted Son!

David Peek -  FUSA Partner,  Technical Wizard and adopted Son!

James Meade PHD - Words Inc, my writer and Author "The Answer to Cancer!