Finnigan USA served the telecommunications industry worldwide for over 30 years in the area of strategic planning and business development. In 1980, Paul Finnigan founded Voicemail International, trademarked the term Voicemail" and subsequently introduced the first Voicemail services in the U.S. Europe, Scandinavia and the Pacific Rim.  By 1987, the Voicemail service was licensed to telecommunication operators in 14 countries.

Finnigan is the named inventor of numerous U.S. and International patents relating to voicemail messaging, network services and Internet telephony.  The enhanced features embodied in these patents have seen rapid adoption by service providers and subscribers for use with personal computers, tablets and smart phones

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Paul Finnigan's experience as a specialist in computer technology and applications development began in 1956 with developments relating to the world's first business computer the IBM 305 RAMAC.  By 1965 he was well on his way to a life-long career that included SRI International, McKinsey and Company,  Spectra Medical Systems, and the subsequent founding of System Industries Medical Systems, Voicemail International Inc., NetNumber Inc. and Finnigan USA LLC.

Proprietary technology invented by Paul Finnigan became industry standards for the design and performance with service providers and public telephone companies worldwide and became standards for automated voice communications used by airlines,financial institutions, broadcasters, publishers, news agencies and many others.  VMI's trademark 'Voicemail" is the term used in virtually all languages for referencing voice messaging and enhanced voice services.

Finnigan was Co-Founder of the International Voicemail Association and served as President from 1983 until 2000.  Finnigan USA organized and managed VMA Voicemail conferences attended by service providers and equipment vendors worldwide.  The VMA is credited with providing a platform for exchanging applications, exploiting opportunities for enhance voice services and the creation and adoption of international standards which were instrumental in bringing about the global proliferation of voicemail services.

Finnigan USA maintains an extensive library of prior art relating to enhance communication services and has performed discovery and served as expert consultant in patent enforcement and infringement actions.

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