Epilogue - Settling the Score!

Santa Clara, California - February, 1988 

Several months after the meeting at the Fairmont San Jose, Voicemail held a shareholders meeting in a small, crowded guest room converted to a meeting room at a hotel in Santa Clare. Shareholders sat on folding chairs facing a podium behind which stood Alan Rossi. As Paul Finnigan entered the room he accepted greetings from several shareholders and took a seat adjacent to the isle in the last row, placing his briefcase on the empty seat beside him.

Rossi formally opened the meeting and spent the next thirty minutes delivering a report on recent company activities. The room had become warm and the air stuffy and eventually Finnigan walked the few steps to the sliding glass door that opened onto a patio adjacent to the parking lot.  As he slid the door open a few inches to let some fresh air into the room, Rossi was obviously distracted by Finnigan's movements, pausing until he returned to his seat. Rossi returned to his notes and continued, frequently making furtive looks toward Finnigan. 

As Finnigan turned to open his briefcase and removed an Apple PDA, Rossi paused once more, shifting side to side in an attempt to see past the two attendees sitting in front of Finnigan as he opened the PDA's leather case and activating the device. After checking his messages, Finnigan stood up and holding the PDA in one hand and grasping his briefcase with the other, he turned around and walked to the partially open sliding door, opening it far enough to step outside. 

Finnigan set his briefcase on the patio table and as he turned around to close the door he waved his hand (still holding the leather cased PDA) at several attendees who were following his exit while at the same time reaching for the handle of the sliding door and pulling it closed with a loud "SLAM" that exploded across the room!

Finnigan then reopened the door, stuck his head into the room and said in a loud voice, "Sorry everyone, I guess I don't know my own strength!"  And while there was nothing intentional in any of his actions or movements, seeing Rossi couched down behind the lecturn with his arms covering his head, Finnigan instantly realized that he had just settled at least part of the score for a young secretary, brother Dennis and himself!  Situations are often not what they are, but what the mind makes of them.

Finnigan laughed all the way to the San Jose Airport where he departed in his Mooney 2001 for Lake Tahoe and his mountain home where the first major advancement in communications since the invention of the telephone was born and is known throughout the world as Voicemail!  

Created by Paul Finnigan