50 Years of Innovation!

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Finnigan USA was founded in 1988 by Paul F. Finnigan and in 2000 FUSA became a partnership with Suzanne G. (Finnigan) Ely.  Fusa provided consulting services in voice technologies specializing in strategic planning, business development and application design until 2005.

FUSA engagements included major telecommunications companies, leading voicemail equipment vendors, newspaper publishers, computer manufacturers and patent enforcement litigators. FUSA's final engagement with Microsoft Corporation involved coordination of its third party application developers. 

FUSA was co-founder of NetNumber Corporation, providing patented core technology relating to a global directory service that today serves virtually all major wireless operators worldwide!  The company's first "killer application" allows customers to keep their phone numbers when they changed carriers

Paul Finnigan was previously the founder of Voicemail International (1979) developing and subsequently marketing a computer based system capable of recording and delivering voice messages and information by telephone, anywhere in the world.  VMI introduced the first voice messaging service in the world in May 1980 and by 1987, Public Telephone companies and independent service providers in 14 countries offered the trademarked Voicemail® service through 35 regional centers in the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia and the Pacific Rim.  An equal number of private Voicemail centers served Airlines, Financial News Agencies, TV and Movie Producers and Paging companies. 

During this same period, Paul Finnigan and Rene Beusch formed the Club of Bern which subsequently became the International Voicemail Association, with Beusch as Chairman and Finnigan as President from 1987 until 2000. The VMA membership eventually included service providers and equipment vendors worldwide. FUSA organized and managed semi-annual conferences for the VMA with over 200 members sharing ideas and experiences with a wide variety of applications during this early period of innovation of Voice technology. The VMA is credited with the creation of international standards governing the design of voice services, critical to the worldwide proliferation of voicemail services.

As a result of the Board of Directors decision to redirect the company's business stragegy, Finnigan resigned in 1987 under protest as Chairman and President of VMI. Less than two years later, having disposed of its service business and been unsuccessful in the highly competitive enterprise market, VMI discontinued its business operations.

Created by Paul Finnigan